Introducing Review Manager

The fast, simple way to harness the power of guest reviews.

Review Manager is an online system for hotels to manage and leverage guest reviews.

When your guests have checked-out and their details have been uploaded to the system by your front-of-house staff, they will each receive a polite, fully-branded email asking them to complete a short survey in order to comment on and review their stay. Once the guest has submitted a review (which consists of 10 questions, which they can rate from 1-10), Review Manager will then invite them to share their review directly with TripAdvisor if they have submitted a positive review. Otherwise it will simply thank them for their feedback.

1.  Upload or manually enter guest data, with checkout dates
2.  Survey is automatically sent
3.  Guest chooses to respond
4.  Positive responses are harvested and directed to TripAdvisor
5.  Negative responses are given a neutral response and captured
6.  Hotel can choose to intervene and correct any issues

We’re launching soon. Stay tuned for updates.